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Take up your father's sword and fight!

Gaspard is a 2d side-scroller in the style of NES classics. Assuming the role of a masked highwayman, the player must slash their way through dozens of worlds, slaying monsters and dodging traps on their quest for revenge.

Gaspard was created for the 2017 Indie Bits Game Jam, using the Godot Game engine. Other tools used include GIMP, Aseprite, and

Learn the secrets of your destiny.

Your father was Gaspard, an infamous highwayman who stole from the wealthy and gave the loot to the poor. He was eventually gunned down, lured to his death by the murder of his wife. You have returned from a long voyage and must fight to avenge their deaths!

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Find those who will guide you.

Throughout the land are those who would aid your journey. They will sell you special items and give you hints to the truth behind your mask.

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Adventure through a magical kingdom.

Journey through the portals to find your way to your prey, the evil Lord who killed your parents. With your father's rapier, you must get your revenge!