Cosmic Trash

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Surf your mind.

Welcome to COSMIC TRASH! This is a world created for your enjoyment and pizza in your mouth situations. Feel free to explore this sandbox of pop-culture and surrealism as a solo experience. Or plug in a projector and put on a visual show for your friends!

Cosmic Trash features an original score by Brain Jar co-founder and digital artist Russell White. Dazzle your senses with an array of visual candy burped up from the depths of the imagination, the lost remnants of youth and the remains of a thousand daydreams combine for a unique gaming experience.

Explore Multiple Worlds

Four exotic landscapes await you in this mindbending adventure. Can you find the glitch dragon or the floating islands? Step through the magic doors and into other, bizarre universes.

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An Unforgettable Experience

Cosmic Trash was conceived as an art project. It serves not only as a game, but as a visual synthesizer where the player crafts the experience through gameplay.

The overabundance of content will make your head spin, but in a good way. Cat particles, dollar bills, lazer-eye grannys, and chainsaw dionsaurs, they're all here waiting on you to discover them.

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