News from the Studio

Brain Jar is pleased to announce the release of our latest project: The Wizard's Labyrinth. You play a sorcerer who must use his magic powers to escape the dangers of the labyrinth and return to the mortal plane.

The Wizard's Labyrinth

Take control of David, a sorcerer trapped in the deepest and deadliest part of the Wizard’s Labyrinth. Within these walls time and space are warped. Death doesn’t last, and yet escape is by no means guaranteed.

Standard Gaming Company

Use your wits and skills as an artist to prove that Gabby can make it at a Standard Gaming Company.

The Mad Gear

Battle your way through five levels of classic beat 'em up style gameplay featuring the worst that Turbo City's loony fighting gangs have to offer.

Blaster Cats

Take back the galaxy from the maniacal shark empire

Power Lost

Your spaceship is out of power. What now?

Unknown Planet

A rescue mission set on an uncharted world.

Website Redsign

After a long hiatus, I was finally able to update the Brain Jar website. I've added links to the newest games on itch and updated our bio. I've started work on a new tutorial so check back soon for...

Announcing Blaster Cats

We're pleased to announce Blaster Cats: a space shooter featuring Cats vs Sharks. Josh and Russell are hard at work developing the latest in shoot em' up technology. Hop over to twitter to follow o...

The Mad Gear Official Release

Brain Jar is excited to release its latest creation: The Mad Gear -> Go Right and Fight. This is the one you've all been waiting for. The hot tamale. The Bugs Bunny. Get ready to shred your way thr...

Testing The Mad Gear

We're currently testing The Mad Gear with real life players! So far its been mainly internal testing, but we opened up to our friends on facebook and now have several people working to find any bug...

Breakout Tutorial

I added a break tutorial for the Godot Game Engine. The goal is to showcase some of Godot's main features, such as nodes, physics bodies, and sprites. We'll also deal with collision and player inpu...

The New Site Lives

Brian Jar finally has some decent web space to show off our creations. Please stop by soon to see what we're cooking up in our laboratories.

The Mad Gear

We're hard at work here at Brain Jar as we finish our new release: The Mad Gear. As the release date draws near, its all hands on deck to bring you every exciting feature we have planned. The Mad G...